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The Hibachi Experience Deposit

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Are you ready to schedule your next Hibachi Experience?! Did you know we travel?

We are now accepting bookings for the upcoming months of 2023. To schedule a hibachi experience, a deposit of $375.00 will be required. We specialize in intimate family meals and dinner parties.

Can I schedule The Hibachi Experience during winter months? Absolutely!

Our professional tent-team installs an outdoor tent.We can provide propane, outdoor heaters to provide a nice cozy experience.All tents will include special lighting for an intimate dining experience.We can provide tables, chairs, linens, and balloon decor to enhance your hibachi experience.

Special Offer: If you are scheduling an event on any of the following holidays, a 50% deposit is required unless prior arrangements have been made: Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Labor day, Memorial day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, New Years Day.  

We are called to serve in excellence. Send us an inquiry below. 

Why Choose Us

✓Our business is fully submitted to doing things God way.

✓Our reputation is good!

✓We operate a business of integrity and professionalism.

✓We hold a National ServSafe certification.

✓We follow all CDC guidelines and procedures.

✓Our entire staff is fully vaccinated and prayed up.

✓We love what we do and are called to serve our clients on a higher level.

✓All of our seasoning and sauces are homemade and have no artificial flavors.

✓We are the absolute best at this.

✓Our list of references speaks for itself.

✓Did I say I am a celebrity Hibachi Chef?! 🙌🏾

Delivery Services

Chef Sha would love to assist you with all catering events and individual orders. Send us an email or contact us for service inquiries. Please be advised that we will discuss any additional fees prior to rendering services. 


Tintswalo Catering, LLC

Shabkeim Simmons 

Executive Master Chef 

📞 (678) 334-6059 

Get The Real Hibachi Experience.

We specialize in intimate family meals and dinner parties.

We are called to serve in excellence.